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PT Kurnia Garam Sejahtera (Jawa Barat, Indonesia)

PT Kurnia Garam Sejahtera is a salt company engaged in the production and distribution of salt, both consumption salt and industrial salt.

PT Kurnia Garam Sejahtera was established because of the difficulty of the salt farmers in marketing their salt products. Seeing this problem we try to be a solution. We are an extension of the salt farmers throughout Indonesia.

We always put quality above everything else, for more than 30 years we have always maintained our quality standards while keeping the color of salt as white as possible. We also emphasize consistency in producing salt to maintain supply, so that all your needs are met.


Menjadi perusahaan garam berkualitas terbaik di Indonesia


Memproduksi garam berkualitas terbaik.
Menjadi perpanjangan tangan petani garam dengan mendistribusikan garam ke seluruh Indonesia.
Berkomitmen menjaga pasokan garam secara berkesinambungan.
Selalu menjamin kepuasan konsumen.


Jl. Golf No 5A, Cisaranten Wetan, Cinambo, Bandung, Jawa Barat Bandung
Jawa Barat , Indonesia


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